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Nick F.

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"When that beast stormed through our streets, my dad was on the bus home. We'd been waiting for hours, watching the news, fearing the worst... until they finally called us; he'd been taken to the hospital. Many others weren't so lucky. It still seems surreal today."

Dasha G.


"These dinosaurs are so dangerous! The [incidents] killed [dozens so far], and they still defend them like their children. They are monsters! Even if they do think their monsters are "so precious", they [seem to be saving them, according to rumors, to be] put up for auction. It's better to keep them extinct than to sell them to the highest bidder! We don't need extinct animals, we need to keep our living species safe and secure! Thanks for spreading the message ASG! #StayExtinct"

[redacted] Redaction note:
Thank you for contacting us, Dasha. We're happy with your support!
We may have edited your response a bit to get the facts straight. As thousands is a bit on the high side of those killed in the second Isla Nublar incident, injured maybe, but all in all the incidents surely claimed dozens of lives.

The auction is not something planned by the DPG and we're very confused by -and not so much focused on- these rumors that come out so strong that we are starting to take them more serious too. We certainly do agree with your last statement!

Thanks again for contacting us!
The ASG Web Administrator



"I was 9 years old when that Tyrannosaurus escaped and ran amok in San Diego. We lived near the docks and before it hit the city center it walked right into my backyard. Its stomping through our streets woke me up.

I went to get my parents, because I didn't believe my own eyes. A dinosaur in our backyard! So cool, I thought... After I took a picture, I realized what had just dropped from its teeth: the doghouse to which our dog had been chained. The chain still dangling from the teeth of the Tyrannosaurus... Thankfully the flash of my camera was enough to make it go away after it drunk from our pool and had eaten our poor Sam.

These creatures have no place among us and a repeat of the San Diego incident should be prevented by all means. No one should attempt to move these dinosaurs. It's a miracle nothing had happened while Masrani Global was moving these animals among islands. At least as far as we know..."

Pedro S.

I was present at the 2015 incident and it was to be a quiet family trip. The trip was amazing but it was on the third day of stay at Jurassic World, when everything happened. I remember looking at the sky and seeing all those pterosaurs flying over my head, it was scary! A pteranodon grabbed me and almost flew away! I was very lucky I did not die. I have to confess that the DPG does a good job saving the dinosaurs, but if it goes to something worse than the above, I choose ASG!

Tyler J.

I was with my family in the park during the 2015 incident. I was with my son and my wife in a restaurant when suddenly the alarms went on. The pteranodons attacked me and my family. My wife went home with a broken arm and me with many mental problems. Those creatures shouldn't exist anymore, the ASG is doing a great job.

Micah J.

These animals, or monsters, are merely fragments of the past, and are a lot more dangerous and aggressive than, say, a hippopotamus. It is not normal, nor should be passed off as instinct. These monsters are more dangerous than their extinct counterparts. And as much as I do like dinosaurs, they should have been left to the Mesozoic where they belong.


Editor's note
Below, some anonymous comments will follow. We prefer to leave these names off as we cannot confirm the identity of these well known individuals. Also we'll leave the mention of recently deceased people out of these testimonials, out of respect for the families. Thank you for your contributions.
The ASG Web Administrator

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to these animals.

Sure, they're alive, but who are we to let them live when nature wants to run its course? What Hammond and his team did, was creating fake and genetically engineered theme park monsters. I know firsthand what they can do, for sure. I've been studying them for over 20 years now, apart from studying ACTUAL dinosaurs.

Where will this stop?

Let me start off by saying that these animals aren't natural, they haven't got any place on our planet. We created them, but we should be careful. I'm currently part of the Congressional hearings and I'm doing my best to protect us, humanity from the danger of these animals. I once met [a really smart man, around 1993]. And I'd like to quote what he told me: "These animals pose the threat as us to ourselves. We need to watch out." These animals are dangerous and we're making all new mistakes here. First Hammond, then Peter Ludlow, even Masrani and now Claire. Where will this stop? We need to act and fight to make sure we won't be extinct soon.

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