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What price are we willing to pay?


March 25th, 2018

Everything has a price on it - food, water, electricity. And now, these dinosaurs have a price on them too. How much money are we going to keep wasting on deaths which could have been prevented? On damage which could have been avoided? To put it simply, we need to stop fighting nature or we are going to be footed with one hell of a bill that we simply cannot afford to carry forward.

After a little digging into some of lnGen's archives. I found some interesting information relating to the costs of the first park:

Wrongful Death Settlements
Family of Donald Gennaro - $36.5 Million
Family of John Arnold - $23 Million
Family of Robert Muldoon - $12.6 Million

Park Costs
Damaged/Destroyed Equipment - $17.3 Million
Demolition - $126 Million


These costings relate to the Jurassic Park incident of the early 90's - Then came the quarantine of both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna during the late nineties, which was mostly guided and paid for by a U.S. and Costa Rican coalition, so mostly paid for by U.S. taxpayers. We can only begin to imagine the kind of costs that must be associated with this and the failings of Jurassic World - with much more calamity then was ever seen in those early days. And further research around the Gene Guard act shows that these creatures were not correctly 'demolished' as the original lnGen intention was - showing that corruption goes to the highest level. How can we let these creatures which were born out of greed and lust for power continue to dominate our society?


Masrani Global are a leading power. With the costs associated with the Jurassic World incident leading to the inevitable liquidation of the company, investors in the technology, fuel and private security sectors are going to suffer irreversible damage.

These sectors, will in turn. influence the public. We've seen twice now, wrongful deaths, destroyed equipment's, and millions of dollars which ends up becoming public debt.

There is, unequivocally, no safe way to protect these creatures. They will always break out and when they do, that will make the financial burden on the taxpayer even greater. In short - we need to end these creatures because the way they are going, they could very well push society over the edge.

The Whistleblower

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