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Do you know what you're funding?

April 26th, 2018

Just as most of our actions, this article is aimed at those donating their money to fund the Dinosaur Protection Group's mission to save the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar, they claim to be the last dinosaurs alive.


We're asking you this question, due to disturbing rumors that are popping up more and more, and we decided to try and dig a little deeper into them. Of course, we're talking about the rumors of a dinosaur auction, selling the dinosaurs, saved by the DPG to the highest bidder. At first, just like most of you, we didn't believe anyone would be stupid enough to attempt to sell of these dangerous theme park creatures to rich individuals, to do with the animals as they please. Even the gentlest giants are dangerous to us humans, crushing us while accidentally running us over.

Digging deeper into these rumors we've found proof that one, or several contributors to the DPG's cause are involved in this highly doubtful practice and, though members of the DPG have denied any illegal activity with funding, no bribes, we are now confident that there's truth to these rumors.


We're not yet certain if the members of the board of Masrani Global, as the rightful owner, is trying to get their hands on these animals to sell them off and pay for the debts left after the many lawsuits started against them by injured park guests and family of those who died during the incident at the park in 2015. This does however seem to be the most likely case. The fact that no one at Masrani Global was willing to talk to us about these matters, doesn't help them. We got no confirmation nor denial from them.

We were however contacted by a former investor of Jurassic World, who shall remain nameless, about an invitation he received on a special event in the last week of June, that "would be worth your while". Exact date and location pending.

We believe this to be the actual auction, weeks or perhaps only days after the rescue mission the DPG is now planning.

Are you funding a cause for some rich guy to own a dinosaur?

Do you wish your next door rich neighborhood to be crawling with dinosaurs? We thought you didn't. We urge you, if you are funding the DPG, stop immediately! Don't help a cause that will just make it cheaper for rich people to get their way. To buy their way out of trouble or to make more money over our backs! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world that we need no dinosaurs in our backyard!

- Mark

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