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Did you know these facts about the Jurassic World incident?

February 25th, 2018

Many visitors involved during the 2015 Jurassic World incident were mostly troubled by Pteranodons that escaped the confines of their aviary. Not everyone heard the full story about a marketed Hybrid dinosaur, which was supposed to be revealed later that year; the Indominus Rex. This name has popped up so many times over the past years that many now do know it was this escaped Indominus that crashed into the aviary, setting the flying reptiles loose over Main Street. That story has been circulating for the past years, but here are some facts given to us by a whistleblower, who requested to remain nameless, about the incident that occurred and why we should stop the DPG!

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Let's save the Dinosaurs with our banners, our protests, and our colorful graphics? HA! Your naivety would lead for you to be some of the first to get eaten.


Many things have been glossed over during the wake of the Jurassic World incident including the initial response by armed forces on Isla Nublar. Did you know, that the Asset Containment Unit were almost completely wiped out in an initial strike campaign against the Indominus Rex, and other subsequent assets? These men and women were the frontline trained to effectively contain a threat. And they couldn't. So, what good are a bunch of jumped-up, hipster-looking protestors going to be able to do? Give me a break. In the wake of the incident we managed to obtain several files including the ACU roster and recommendations. Did you know that Katashi Hamada, leader of Nublar's ACU, was a former team-leader for a SWAT team? I'm certain that makes him a lot more qualified to deal with dinosaurs than you with your media degree and he still wound up dead.

Furthermore, did you know that the InGen Security Department was essentially a Private Military Company, or PMC? These PMC's are the faces of the modern battlefield as we know it today doing our dirty work so we don't have to. These people have seen combat in The Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are some of the most highly-trained operators in the world and they still couldn't defeat these creatures? SO WHY ON EARTH IS SAVING THEM A GOOD IDEA? Let me break it down a little bit further for you. During the incident on Isla Nublar, InGen Security Forces under the direction of Vic Hoskins were equipped with weapons such as the M4A1 Assault Rifle, and the AT-4 Rocket Launcher. These were military-grade weapons, and all our combat reports suggest that the weapons were barely able to make a dent in the Indominus Rex. An asset so altered that it can survive bullets? There is no end to the damage something like that could cause on the mainland hell, San Diego was a normal T-Rex, not some juiced-up hybrid!

"Mount Sibo is doing us all a favor."

The point I am trying to make is: we are woefully under-equipped to deal with these creatures nature is doing us a favor! Mount Sibo is doing us all a favor. We should let nature run its course. I can guarantee you if you bring those dinosaurs back to safety, somebody, somewhere will want to experiment. To take this mad science a step further. And then, what do you do when you no longer have the geographical confines of an island? The problem becomes incredibly deadlier. I wish the Costa Rican government had bombed the original park like planned. Then we wouldn't be dealing with this crisis today.

Don't be fooled by the DPG. They are delusional, and wrong about these animals. Nature eradicated them for a reason. If we keep damaging the balance of this fragile ecosystem, then soon it will fight back and then, if we are not careful, we will be the ones extinct! Leave the dinosaurs to die.


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