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DPG Propaganda: Saving Carnivores

In response to the article of the Dinosaur Protection Group: Saving The Carnivores of Isla Nublar

Saving the carnivores of Nublar. Controversial indeed. The article starts with a correct statement that humans are to blame for any fatalities by these animals, but then goes on to compare these genetically engineered creatures to animals that adapted over millions of years now living in co-existence with humans on this planet today. Crocodiles cannot and should not be compared to any of these creatures created by InGen, however caring they are for their young.


In the article Klayton S. puts the focus mostly on the Tyrannosaurus. Of course this isn't just an accidental choice. We all know one of the very first attractions that drew people to Jurassic World when it opened in 2005 were the Tyrannosaurs. Because, well, let's face it: who doesn't remember the shocking news from 1997 coming out of San Diego? I know we do. This animal is feared, yet highly popular among visitors, even including those that were at Jurassic World during the 2015 incident. This animal took no part in that incident. Though some stories like to mention it as one of the heroes of that day. Hard to fathom, right?

But, as some of you may know, there's only one left. One, the original, supposedly resembling a de-extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Cretaceous. Now 30 years old, which is about the lifespan paleontologists have given to this creature of old. This creature won't mate. It won't take care so gently of youngsters.

This animal took lives before, though many may have forgotten that. It has tasted human flesh. This precise creature took the life of the original park's lawyer, when it escaped in the '93 InGen incident. The same lawyer who, from what we heard from the people at his office, was already after shutting down the park due to questionable security at the time. Uncharacteristic behavior? Who can honestly say?

Thankfully we can safely say in a matter of a few years, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, truthful to its Cretaceous predecessor or not, will become extinct again.


Studies have shown that it's hard to impossible with small populations of animals to keep from extinction. You need a minimum viable population (MVP) to keep extinction at bay. Many believed the numbers to be in the thousands. With long lifespan, smaller numbers may suffice, but still scientists are talking about an MVP of 50. 50 animals of a species. With these numbers the DPG can save maybe one species of their "dinosaurs". You may find this article interesting: https://news.mongabay.com/2013/04/how-many-animals-do-we-need-to-keep-extinction-at-bay/

According to reports of Masrani Global, Sorna has been given back to contemporary Nature to take control back of its ecosystem. Nublar is now forcing us to do the same. These creatures have no place on this Earth. Islands currently free from these creatures are inhabited by many other animals, too many to count or to evaluate within the calculated time until the eruption of Mt. Sibo. Some that may still be a mystery to us.

We have no right to give away land, which isn’t ours to give.

We can never give these creations the space they need to prevent them from showing "uncharacteristic levels of aggression toward humans." They will never behave as they did millions of years ago. The environment has changed. Their space has changed. Times have changed. Without creating more of these creatures, on which we think we all agree is something nobody wants anymore, these animals will go extinct.

Let's not give them the opportunity to take other species with them; natural, possibly endemic species that have adapted to environments currently unpolluted by these genetically created beings.

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