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Welcome to the homepage of the ASG


This is the homepage of the Anti-Saurus Group; a movement against the undertaking of the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG). The DPG says to have the best intentions for the dinosaurs, wanting to save the dinosaurs from the eruption of Mt. Sibo, expected to occur later this year. This would cause the extinction of at least some of the species created by InGen and later Masrani Global. Doing so they say they're taking responsibility for the dinosaurs, which according to them, Masrani Global is failing at.

We believe these animals should remain where they are, to prevent further loss of life. We've seen the destructive force of these animals at work, with the San Diego incident in 1997 and the Jurassic World incident in '15. Not to mention the incidents that occurred in the past, which InGen has kept secret: closed-door law suits and paying off families of those that were lost, both on and off the islands.

The former Manager of Jurassic World, Ms. Claire Dearing may have been responsible for the animals and the latest additions of the animals living off of the coast of Costa Rica. Now the park is closed and she is relieved of that responsibility. Her first responsibility, as that of the DPG, should be with our own species. We believe strongly that these animals have no place on our planet in this time. Dinosaurs had their shot and we suggest to let nature take its course for these animals, even if that means their downfall.

The unthinkable alternative being: the rise of these animals' rule over our planet, with our own coming to an end.

There are people out there saying that these animals ruled this earth before, but we even disagree with that. These animals that InGen has been creating since the mid-80's, do show resemblance to dinosaurs. However, science has since proved that these animals show differences to REAL dinosaurs. As an example, we can look at the discovery of dinosaurs most likely being feathered.


Paleontologists, like Dr. Grant have reportedly commented on these animals as scientifically incorrect species. Quoting Dr. Grant from a lecture in 2001, saying these animals were: "genetically engineered theme park monsters." If Mother Nature decides these animals have no place on our planet, like she did with the dinosaurs before them, it is our strong believe we should listen to that wish and let these animals go extinct.

Another scientist, Ian Malcolm, who is also connected to the InGen incident in '93 on Isla Nublar, being the first to speak out on what happened during a critical weekend towards the opening of the first park, mentioned this in his book (God Creates Dinosaurs) as well. Quoting: "These animals did not go extinct by human interference, like with the building of a dam, or deforestation, for which groups correctly try to prevent the extinction of threatened, contemporary species. Dinosaurs had their shot and Nature decided their rule had come to an end."

DISCLAIMER: This website is in no way affiliated with Universal or Jurassic Park / World and features onofficial content, created for, and maintained by fans of the franchise. We find it fun to show the opposite side of the Dinosaur Protection Group.